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al•tr verb | noun

Everyone has their own story, their own journey, and their own personal goals. We are not here to change your life; that is your job. We are here to altr intentions, shift perspectives, and enhance the practice through the power of yoga and a strong support network. Through online programs & trainings we aim to empower one another to expand and thrive.

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Since training my practice has significantly improved, I feel more at peace and energized in my life and I am even auditioning to teach which was something I never thought I would do! I am so grateful for the experience I had! Namaste yogis!

Logan P

The incredible trainers opened my eyes to what yoga really is and how I can implement yoga into my everyday life outside of my mat. It has gotten me to fall in love with my practice more than I thought I could, and inspired me to become a better teacher, yogi, and human.

Lindsay C

I walked out with a level of knowledge I will take with me to each part of my life. From theory, principles & history to knowledge of poses and creating sequences, I have the confidence to practice at home and to teach others.

Lindsay P

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